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Small Works
Linda Sorensen Duncans Landing Friday the Thirteenth
Duncans Landing, Friday the 13th
9 x 12
Linda Sorensen Sunny Day Dunes
Sunny Day Dunes
8 x 8
LL Sorensen Chileno Stormy Mustard Field Thumbnail
Chileno Stormy Mustard Field
9 x 12
Linda Sorensen Sunset Schooner
Sunset Schooner
9 x 12
Sun Sinking Linda Sorensen
Sun Sinking
9 x 12
Linda Sorensn Red Barn and Fences
Red Barn and Fences
6 x 8
Dangerous Beauty Linda Sorensen thumbnail
Dangerous Beauty
8 x 10
Linda Sorensen Watson School
Watson School
9 x 12