Linda Sorensen
Artist Linda Sorensen

Bodega Bay Watercolorist Jean Warren and her husband, Bodega Bay photographer, Phil Warren visit
Linda's October 2017 Art Trails Studio Open House, held at her Redwood Cabin Stuido in Monte Rio.

Linda's Art @ the Source 2018 showing will be with Bodega Bay Artists
John Hershey and Lilian Lehman in Salmon Creek. (
See Flyer Below)

Linda's Studio in Graton will also be open during Art @ the Source
with Linda's husband Dan available to show paintings and answer questions.

Linda Sorensen Paintings .com

email or phone Linda
View Linda's work at her studio,
Atelier One, Studio 5, 2860 Bowen St,
Graton, CA 95444 (MAP)

(by appointment only)
Link to Linda's Paintings by subject Linda Sorensen Doran South
Coastal California
Linda Sorensen McAvoy Olives
Landscapes and Ranchlands
Linda Sorensen Wizard Island
Pacific Northwest
Linda Sorensen Vineyard Carousel
Linda Sorensen Navajo Blanket
Linda Sorensen Halemaumau Morning
Linda Sorensen Apple Blossom Time
Flora and Fauna
Linda Sorensen El Capitan Monument Valley
Small Works
Linda Sorensen Tree Legend
About Linda

You may view Linda's paintings at her studio on Graton by appointment.

Currently, Linda's work is on view at these gallery locations, and her studio:

... in downtown Santa Rosa is home of the Art Trails Gallery. They take pride in their association with Sonoma County Art Trails and feature some of the best in Sonoma County art. Some of Linda's work is on display alongside many of Sonoma County's Art Trails artists.

Bodega Landmark Studio Collection ... in the town of Bodega. Gallery owner Lorenzo DeSantis can show you some of Linda's paintings as well as his great photographs and many artworks by Sonoma County artists.

Linda Sorensen Stormy Point Reyes

Art at the Source 2018